Get Fit With 6: Water aerobics offers exercises with less stress on the body

Published: Aug. 17, 2021 at 4:46 AM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Water aerobics is a low-impact exercise that offers cardio, toning, and strengthening with less stress on the body.

“You really have to come to the pool to understand water resistance. When you’re in water, chest deep, you’re only 50 percent of your body weight. So, anyone who has issues on land at our age gets in the water and can move. It’s a wonderful thing,” said Joan Miller, water aerobics instructor at the YWCA of the Lower Cape Fear.

Joan Miller has been a water aerobics instructor for 38 years.

“You work upper body. You work lower body. Arm movements. Of course, the leg movements. We’ve got some twisting with the torso. There is cardio put in and everyone works at their own speed,” said Miller.

Cheryl Ridenour is a regular in the class, coming five days a week after spine surgery in March.

“It just feels great to be here. I know I’m doing something good for me and my body. The movement of the arms, the legs, the core, everything just strengthens that spine so perfect for that,” said Ridenour.

But, that’s not the only reason she hates to miss a class.

“Besides the exercise you’ve got the camaraderie, you’ve got the great music, you’ve got woman laughing and talking with each other. It’s just all around great,” said Ridenhour.

Another regular in the class is Ann Hill. Hill is 85 years old and started water aerobics classes when her doctor suggested it 15 years ago after knee surgery. She’s done something to stay active her entire life.

“I have heart history in my family, people having heart attacks. I’m the only one out of six siblings who hasn’t had a heart attack, so I think exercise has been my key,” said Ann Hill, water aerobics class participant.

Water aerobics also burns calories, improves flexibility, and reduces blood pressure.

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