Get Fit with 6: August Challenge

Published: Aug. 3, 2021 at 4:58 AM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Each month there’s a different focus for the exercises. This month we will do thigh flies, clam shells, and plank pop ups. These exercises will focus on your inner and outer thighs, and hip flexors.

“The reason I came up with these exercises this month is because a lot of my clients are coming to me and feeling like they are not very flexible. And these are a lot of stretching exercises that you can do,” said Amy Stewart, Personal Trainer, Back to Basics.

Thigh Flies

Lay down on your back with your arms are going to straight out perpendicular

Raise your legs straight to the ceiling

With your feet in a flex position spread your legs out as wide as you can

Then you’re going to come back to the center again.

Do not over stretch

Doing these a lot everyday will help you become more flexible

If you want to make it a little bit harder, more of a core related type of exercise then bring your hands behind your head, raise your chin up towards the ceiling and keep that tension on the abdominal area

Clam Shells

Sit with one leg bent, flat on the ground

Place your other leg on top and line up the sides of your shoes together (it’s very important to keep them lined up)

Lean back on one arm

Your knees should be on top of each other

Lift your top knee up, keeping your shoes lined up

“This is actually really good for the hip flexors. It’s good for runners, athletes or just people who are walking. It keeps the hip a lot more flexible, “said Stewart.

If you want more advanced, lean back just a little bit

Raise your feet up off the ground and do the same thing

Plank Pop Ups

Get into a straight arm plank position (legs are back, arms are straight, hands with palms down on ground similar to a push up)

Pop your legs in out wide, keep the legs bent and bring your feet up to your hands

Come up to squat position with arms stretched out forward

Make sure your fingers stay close together, really squeeze the fingers together

Come back down on your palms

Pop your legs back out and do it again

Weekend Exercises


Squat down and touch the ground

Pretend you are picking up a ball and throwing it

Jumping Jacks

Standing with legs spread wide and the hands going overhead

Jump, open your legs and bring your hands above your head then back down while closing your legs


Lying on your back, legs raised with knees over your hips

Flex your feet and put your heels together, knees out wide

Arms stretched on the ground over your head

Lift up, pressing your legs, arms come down to your side toward the ceiling keeping your heels together forming a V

Pull back in and continue

Get Fit with 6: August challenge
Get Fit with 6: August challenge(Kim Ratcliff)

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