The Side Hustle: Wilmington man’s voice can be heard around the world

Updated: Mar. 28, 2019 at 1:07 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - One man has a side hustle that takes his voice around the world.

Mark Holcomb, of Wilmington, works full time as a customer support representative for a software company in Wilmington. He works on his side hustle as a voiceover artist during his lunch breaks and after he gets home from his nine to five.

Holcomb narrates audio books, instructional videos, video games and local and national commercials.

His side hustle takes him back to his roots; he spent 25 years in radio.

He also said it taps into his creative side.

“I like the idea that I do different things every single day,” he said.

His side hustle started when he took a voice class at an acting school in Wilmington.

Then, he set up a space in his house where he records audio.

“With tech today, I can virtually talk to anyone around the world," he said. "They can send me a script. I can send them the voiceover. I just email it to them and they send me money via pay pal.”

Holcomb said his side hustle fits into his schedule.

“I go to work in the morning and I come here on my lunch break and I can knock out a 30 second project or an audition and go back to work finish that up and come home,” he said. “I have clients on the west coast so I can work a few projects and send it to them before their end of business day, have dinner with my family. I come in here at 10 at night, quiet house and get things done.”

Holcomb has clients in almost all 50 states and he has voiced international projects as well.

To hear more of Holcomb’s work, click here.

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